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Doorway to Nowhere

I done an unforgivable thing and that’s the truth ...


Annie can’t stay in her sleepy little town anymore, with its rules and oppression. She has to escape. So, when the mayor and his followers come to punish her for committing a terrible crime, Annie flees through the gate at the bottom of the garden, a gate her violent father has long kept locked, a gate that leads to another world.


But when Annie makes it to the land on the other side of the gate, she discovers it isn’t the refuge she’d hoped it might be. Trapped, confused and alone, Annie must now learn to survive in a strange and terrible environment. And there’s a monster here that’s stalking her, shadowing her every move, determined to devour her.


Because Annie is angry. Furious. She can’t shake this terrible rage. And rage is exactly what draws the monster.

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