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The Last Beekeeper

Warren watches the little creature, his mouth open.

"That's a bee!" he whispers, his eyes wide with reverence. Solma scoffs.

"No it isn't," she laughs, ruffling his hair. "It can't be, can it? There are no more bees."

No one has seen a bee in over a century. So this can't possibly be a bee.

The continent of Alphor is a harsh place to live. With most insects and birds extinct, only the mysterious power of the Earth Whisperers keeps the crops growing. Sixteen-year-old Solma is tasked with protecting her village from raiders and other enemies who might steal their meagre food supplies. But when she and her younger brother stumble across the first bee seen in a century, new hope spurs them to help the creature survive.


The natural challenges of nurturing a new bee colony are hard enough, but when the provincial Stewards begin to suspect the insects are returning, a race begins to find the nest. Some seek to keep the bees for themselves, hoping to take the riches they will provide. Others want to destroy the colony to level the odds. Suddenly, Solma finds herself defending the delicate bee colony not just from enemies on the outside, but from enemies on the inside, too, for whoever controls the bees controls the world.

In this new dystopian fantasy adventure, join Solma and Warren as they try to survive in a harsh world, where food is scarce and enemies are everywhere. More details coming soon.

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Praise for The Last Beekeeper

"It's nearly 500 pages long, but I tore through it in one sitting."

Goodreads Review


"I dare you to put this book down in the final third."

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"This book was awesome!"

Goodreads Review

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...Beautiful, heartbreaking, delicate and powerful at the same time. If I could bottle it, I would, it would be the most magical potion ever...

Laurie Bolger



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