Rebecca's Media Kit

If you are featuring Rebecca or her work on a podcast, blog, video or a live event and need quick details for publicity, please check out the page below for everything you need! If anything is missing, you can email Rebecca using the email address below. She will provide it and add it to her media kit if it's useful.

Author Tagline

Courageous Tales for Rebels and Dreamers.


150 Word Bio

Rebecca has been obsessed with two things since she learned to walk and talk: stories and animals. Luckily, the two seem to be very compatible. Rebecca writes stories set in strange worlds filled with bizarre creatures, strong female characters and magical powers. She started her writing career as a poet, performing all over the country and publishing her first collection, Octopus Medicine, with Two Rivers Press in 2017.

In addition to writing, Rebecca is also a teacher and, in 2018, decided that she wanted to write quality books for the young people she works with. Her books tend towards themes of respect for the environment, protecting the planet and the new generations challenging the old to face up to their mistakes.

She lives in Reading, UK, with her unusual family, which includes herself and her partner, a friendly little mini-lop rabbit (called Cleo) and a gregarious and feisty quaker parrot (called Maya). 

Mini Bio

Rebecca has been obsessed with two things her whole life: stories and animals. Luckily, they go together well. Rebecca writes fantastical tales, filled with unusual creatures, strange magic and strong protagonists. She’s performed poetry all over the country and her collection, Octopus Medicine, was published by Two Rivers Press in 2017. She lives in Reading, UK, with her partner, her bunny, Cleo, and her parrot, Maya.


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Bird on Becci Head.jpg

Book Covers and Details

Doorway to Nowhere


The Nowhere Chronicles

Lightning Hyena Press

Published: 2021

Ebook: Available FREE by signing up to Rebecca's Mailing List.

Paperback: Available to purchase through Rebecca's Shop.

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Octopus Medicine


Two Rivers Press

Published: 2017

Paperback: Available to purchase through Two River's Press Shop.