The World of Silent Skies

Welcome to Alphor, the world of Silent Skies. A hundred years ago, the flying insects died out. Unrest and war led to the fall of the cities and now, the remnants of the human population cling to life in a few disparate villages. Wind pollinated plants, such as grasses and some trees, thrive in the wilderness, but people find it very hard to grow fruit and vegetables. Only with the help of the Earth Whisperers, nomadic people with a magical gift to speak with plants, can the villages hope to grow any food at all.


Our hero, Solma El Gatra, lives in Sand's End village (it's the very last village in the South-east tip of Alphor, in Southtip province.) Sand's End isn't a rich village and they struggle to make enough to trade with other villages in their province. Solma has lived in Sand's End all her life. You can see a map of Sand's End below.

Sand's End Village.jpg

An Interview with Solma El Gatra


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A Note on Earth Whisperers

Anyone might be an Earth Whisperer, and nobody knows who might develop the strange power a Whisperer has to talk with the plant life of Alphor and persuade it to grow. Earth Whisperers often discover their power at around four or five years old. The lw of Alphor says that no village may have its own Earth Whisperer. Whenever a child in any village discovers they have the power of Whispering, they're taken in by a troupe of wandering Whisperers to train and develop their power.

Understandably, this means there's a slightly strained relationship between Whisperers and village folk No one likes the idea of having their child spirited away, but villages also know they need the Earth Whisperers to help them produce healthy crop. Alphorian law says Earth Whisperers have the freedom of Alphor, which means they may go anywhere they please and should expect hospitality and safety in any village. It's frowned upon to harm, imprison or kill an Earth Whisperer.

But the politics of Alphor have been changing for a while, and being an Earth Whisperer is no longer as safe as it used to be.

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A Few Facts About Bees

Here are a few facts about bees that you may not know, but might help you understand the story of Silent Skies a little better.

ONE: In honeybee, stingless bee and bumblebee hives, all the worker bees are female. They're responsible for collecting pollen and nectar, taking care of the queen bee and making sure the eggs are protected and the larvae is fed. Male bees only really exist to breed and, once they've mated with a virgin queen, they die.

TWO: Male bees don't sting! That's right, it's only the females who have stings. But in general, most bees are highly unlikely to sting unless you really annoy them or threaten their nest.

THREE: Most bee species are solitary. Honeybees and stingless bees are the only types of bee that live in big colonies They're also the only types of bees that produce honey! Bumblebees do live in colonies, but in much smaller numbers that honeybees. And in most other species of bee, the females build their own nests and tend and lay their own young.

FOUR: Our bees really are in trouble. Destruction of habitat, vast swathes of land where only one crop grows, use of pesticides, changing climate and invasive species are all affecting our bees. The truth is, we need them. Without them, many of our plants simply won't be able to grow and producing enough food to feed the human population will be virtually impossible. If you want to know what you can do to help save our bees, check out these five ideas.

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