Paperback fantasy book for adults, first in series.

Leap Through the Portal

Dive into the world of Nowhere with the first book in the series.

For five years, Annie has been a fugitive, hiding in the strange land of Nowhere as she battles to keep her dark power under control.

But when a terrified child appears, begging for help, Annie is torn. Can she fight the monster terrorising the child's world?

Or will the dark magic she brings with her prove even more deadly?

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Collection: The Nowhere Chronicles

Welcome to the world of Nowhere, where the trees are hungry, the mushrooms bleed, and everything is out to get you.

This is where Annie lives, and Annie hunts monsters. She's perfect for it. After all, Annie has a monster of her own.

But not every monster she hunts has vicious teeth and claws. Some of the worst ones walk and talk like human beings ...

The deliciously dark portal fantasy series from Rebecca L. Fearley includes bonded monsters, dangerous magic, snarky sidekicks, and a slow burn romance. If you love reluctant heroines, monstrous mysteries, and portals to other worlds, this series is for you!

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