Paperback dystopian book for young adults, first in series.

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Leap into the series with book one in the Silent Skies trilogy.

Solma spends her life battling the harsh environment of her home, desperate to keep her little brother safe from sickness and starvation.

But when a precious miracle crawls from the ravaged earth, and Solma's brother begins to show a new kind of magic, Solma faces a terrible choice.

Is the world ready for this new miracle, or might Solma lose her brother forever?

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Collection: The Silent Skies Trilogy

In the dystopian world of Alphor, flying insects have long-since died out. The result was post-apocalyptic devastation. Cities fell, societies collapsed, civilization all but vanished.

Now, the few remaining humans eke out an existence on the barren land, living in tiny village communities, fighting starvation and disease.

That is, until sixteen-year-old Solma and her little brother find something. Something impossible.

When a should-be extinct bee crawls from the ravaged earth, the siblings know this could be the miracle that might save their dying world.

But only if it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Because not everyone wants to see the bees return, and to control the future, some people are willing to kill.

Rebecca L. Fearnley's young adult environmental dystopian trilogy is full of hope for the future. If you like reluctant heroines, enemies-to-lovers, and ordinary people challenging tyranny, this is the series for you!

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