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Rebecca L. Fearnley

Flight of the Bone Crow: book two in the dark fantasy series, 'The Nowhere Chronicles'

Flight of the Bone Crow: book two in the dark fantasy series, 'The Nowhere Chronicles'

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Flight of the Bone Crow

She left home once, to fight a monster. Now, more monsters are crawling out of the shadows.

Annie is relieved to be home after uncovering the monstrous truth in the world of Wilderness. But, with two orphaned teenagers to care for in a dangerous forest, life is far from easy. It gets even more chaotic when a boy stumbles through the portal tree, claiming the creature that took his sister is now terrorising his home world.

Still exhausted and battered, Annie’s not sure she has the strength to fight another monster. But then, the frightened boy tells her about the bone crow, and everything changes.

Can Annie unlock generations of secrets before the menacing bone crow takes everything she loves?

Flight of the Bone Crow is the sinister second instalment in Rebecca L. Fearnley’s The Nowhere Chronicles. If you love found family, supernatural mysteries and creepy monsters, you’ll love this dark fantasy story.

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The air sparkles with monstrous energy. Me and Maeve stand opposite each other, ten meters apart. The rainbow river gurgles beside us. I glare at her, fists clenched. It’s like I’m looking at an echo of myself, five years ago. The bunched muscles, the fury in her eyes. I meet her with equal ferocity. Mainly because she’s doing my head in. Girl’s got a mouth that could make a howler horse blush. We’ve been trading insults all morning.

Our shouting’s attracted a flock of nosta birds. They natter in the trees above, green eyes peeking between the multi-colored leaves of the canopy. The red and yellow of their feathers flash in the sunlight. Their black, dagger beaks gleam. I eye them warily, but it ain’t singing season for them yet. Our memories should be safe for now.

The forest’s alive this morning. Cracklemice scurry beneath leaf litter. Birdsong, loud and violent as war drums, batters the air. The sun’s reached its peak and the red-and-indigo sky glows bright and fierce. This is home. This strange not-quite-world we call Nowhere. A place between universes. A haven.

Or at least, it was, until we brought Maeve into it two weeks ago. Girl’s a firestorm. Temper like a tornado, fists like battering rams. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s got a giant, horned bear-monster with burning eyes and icefire powers that feeds off her rage. It stands before her, now, about the height of a horse, head lowered, ready to charge.


“Well?” Maeve barks. “You ready?”

I clench my jaw. Damn cheek! Who’s calling the shots here? “’Course I’m bloody ready!” I yell back. “Can’t you tell?”

Because Maeve’s not the only one with a monster. I’ve got one of my own. A great, green-scaled serpent with a crown of ferocious spikes adorning his head, eyes gleaming scarlet, scales that sparkle with lightning and a pair of vast, blood-red wings. Normally, I manage to keep him small enough to drape round my neck, but today, I’ve let him grow. He’s matched Maeve’s monster for size and sways tauntingly.

Don’t tell! He hisses, straight into my brain. His voice tingles, but I’m used to it. Let’s take ‘em by surprise!

Easy, Wriggler, I think back. It’s not an actual fight, remember.

I keep a tight hold on him. Won’t let him grow any bigger. He wants to, I can tell. But it ain’t happening. When I let Wriggler loose, bad things happen. When I let him loose, he becomes the part of me I’m most terrified of. The monster I barely managed to wrestle under my control five years ago. The Oraqua.

Wriggler glares. It was an actual fight last time, he grumbles. Bear tore my wing.

I roll my eyes but don’t bother answering. That was three days ago and it’s not as bad as Wriggler makes out. Bear—Maeve’s monster—caught the tip of Wriggler’s left wing and left a slash. It’s already healing. Wriggler’s just sore he lost. If I’m honest, I’m sore, too. Maeve let Bear get too big. Out of control. That’s what I’m trying to teach her today. Control.

Oak knows, she bloody needs it.

“I’m gonna send Wriggler in,” I say, ignoring my lightning-snake’s stroppy protests. “Remember, you got to—”

“Keep Bear small,” Maeve drawls. “Yeah, yeah. You told me a million times.”

I clamp my mouth shut on a dozen retorts. I’m supposed to be helping Maeve manage her anger, not unleash it. I scowl at her. At the sheen of sweat shining on her dark skin, the curls of black hair piled on her head, the muscles rippling in her arms. She’s wearing a loose, sleeveless shirt and the flax pants Sheb finished making for her two days ago. Fur boots, just like mine, cover her feet.

I wonder what she sees when she looks at me. My death-pale skin, my ash-grey eyes with wild curls of scorch-black hair. Wriggler flicks me with the tip of one wing.

Who cares? He sneers. Let’s fight!

No, Wriggler, wait a minute—

But that bloody snake’s never done a thing I’ve told him. With a crackle of lightning, he lunges for Bear. Maeve yells as the two beasts clash. The ground shakes. Nosta birds take wing, screaming their heads off. Scarlet feathers rain down as me and Maeve clamp our hands over our ears. Might not be singing season, but nosta bird cries can still steal a few memories if we ain’t careful.

It doesn’t affect the monsters, though. Wriggler even snaps one out of the air, gulping it down in a flurry of feathers before he wraps Bear in his massive coils, squeezing.

“Hey!” Maeve yells, clutching her chest as Bear’s pain travels down their bond, affecting her, too. “Let go!”

“Wriggler!” I yell. “Not so tight!”

He glares, grumbles, but relents. His coils loosen and Bear thrashes free, leaving great gouges through Wriggler’s scales. They circle each other. Wriggler sends lightning shooting in all directions. Maeve dives, narrowly avoiding a bolt of scarlet electricity. Bear rears, opens his jaws.

And screams.

I throw my arms over my head as the noise rattles through my bones. My brain fizzes with remembered pain. The scar across my back—the one my daddy gave me before I killed him—burns.

Monsters are funny like that. They’re not regular creatures like nosta birds and howler horses. Or like Bartok, the grumpy owl-squirrel that lives with us. Monsters are made of something darker. An energy that feeds off anger and despair. I don’t know what gives them shape, or how they decide whose anger to attach themselves to. I don’t know if Maeve or me will ever break free of our monsters. All I know is they’re here with us, now. They feed off our pain. Wriggler was drawn to me when I killed my daddy, escaped his clutches, and ran from the town that tried to kill me. Maeve? Maybe she had it worse. Her mother murdered by the priests who were supposed to protect her town, while she was forced to watch. Bear was bonded to her for ages, killed three people before she realized he was hers. He’s out of control.

And the whole point in these training sessions is that she’s supposed to learn to contain him.

Sod that for a laugh, Wriggler hisses. Annie, give me more anger!

I shake my head, squeezing tight on the thread of energy that ties me to him. Not happening, Wriggler! I say. Control!

Bear charges, barreling into Wriggler before my snake has a chance to react. White fire bursts from his paws and shoots across the leaf litter. It’s not even hot but cracklemice and butcher beetles flee from it all the same. That fire might not burn skin, but it burns other things. Power. Hope. The will to fight. I shrink back as it surrounds me, the ghostly flames dancing higher.

“Maeve!” I yell. “Calm him down!”

Maeve doesn’t answer. Her eyes glow green. Bear’s white fire dances round her feet, up her pant-leg, along her arms. She’s awash with it. My gut drops.

“Maeve!” I yell. “Stop it! Let go!”

Bear’s huge. Like Wriggler, he grows in both size and power the more anger Maeve feels. She’s losing her grip. Bear’s black fur ruffles in some otherworldly wind. He swipes at Wriggler, claws narrowly missing my snake’s throat.

Annie! Wriggler roars. Stop holding back!

But I can’t, can I? It’s the thing I must never do—release my fury so it shoots down the invisible vein that ties me to my monster. If I do that, he’ll become the thing I fear. Chaos incarnate.

Get over yourself, Annie! Wriggler bellows. We had a deal, remember?

We did. He listens to me and I listen to him. But it’s hard to batter down a fortress I’ve spent five years building. I keep my rage locked tight in the darkest corners of my mind.

But Maeve clearly ain’t learned to do the same. Wriggler might still be the size he was when this fight started, but Bear’s grown. He’s taller than the trees, horns slicing the leaves at the top of the canopy. He beats his chest and howls, his cry tearing the skies. His white fire catches the trees, bleaching their bark. Maeve’s not in control. I see it in her face. The wild, feral ecstasy of knowing this monster is hers to command.

If I don’t stop her, she’ll kill Wriggler.

Which might kill me, too.

Damn this painful girl! I unclench my fists, open my mouth wide. I shriek like a banshee at full moon. I let my anger loose. Feel it race down my bond with Wriggler, igniting our nerve endings.

Yes, Annie! Wriggler laughs. My anger floods him with power. He grows until his wings cast shadows so black it’s almost impossible to see. He towers over Bear, glaring down at his rival. His eyes burn with bloody fire.

Now we’ll see who needs three days to recover before the next fight, he snarls.

Wriggler! I yell, warning in my voice. Don’t—

But he’s not listening. He lunges at Maeve’s monster. His huge maw clamps Bear’s head. Bear bellows, slashing Wriggler’s belly. Wriggler hisses but doesn’t let go. He shakes his head until Bear goes limp, then throws him against the ground. His vast coils wrap Bear in a crushing grip. Tightening.

Maeve gasps for breath, clutching her chest. The green fire goes out of her eyes as they bulge. She drops to one knee, then all fours.

“Wriggler!” I scream. “Let go!

I run for him, reaching down our bond to pull him back. He’s not listening. Bastard snake’s going to kill them! Maeve’s eyelids flutter. She topples to her side, mouth frothing. I reach Wriggler in a whirlwind of limbs, beat his side. “Let go, you evil creature. Let go!”

Wriggler looks down at me, eyes flashing scarlet. I punch and kick. Tears pour down my face. I don’t bother to wipe them away. “Stop!” I scream.

And this time, he does. With a sigh, he lets his coils fall loose. Bear flops to the leaf litter, spluttering.

“Shrink down!” I snap.

Wriggler grumbles but does as he’s told. His scales dull to black. He reduces until he’s no longer than my forearm, a harmless serpent with vestigial wings and a flickering green tongue. He concertinas his body with embarrassment.

Sorry, Annie, he mutters.

I kick leaf litter at him. “Too bloody right, you’re sorry!” I growl. “Now piss off! I don’t wanna see you ‘til dark. Go on! Go!”

Wriggler knows he’s in disgrace. Without another word, he slithers into the gurgling rainbow river. I don’t bother to watch him go. I rush to Maeve’s side, cradling her against my chest until she comes to. I push her hair out of her face, hush her as she panics.

Her fear shrinks Bear, too. He scampers over to us, no more than a mewling bear cub with stubby horns and brown fur. He paws Maeve’s pant leg. Maeve tries to speak, but her voice is hoarse.

“What?” I say, leaning closer. Maeve grabs my shirt in her fist, her breath hot against my ear.

“Piss off, Annie,” she croaks, then faints.

I sit there, staring at her prone form for a good ten minutes. I suppose I deserved that, really.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kerry Taylor-Gorman
Gripping mystery filled adventure fantasy!

Another exciting adventure filled portal fantasy, packed with twists, mystery, drama and conflicted feelings.
Following the events in The Shadow and the Scream, back in Nowhere Annie and Sheb are trying to look after Maeve and Lin, and tensions are rising with controlling their monsters.
Then an unexpected visitor arrives asking for help with a monster, and the team ventures off on another rescue mission.
This time they face a swamp haunted with secrets and tragedy, and the threatening Bone Crow.
In this new realm Sheb becomes more distant and truths start to come to light when he has to confront the demons of his past.

This found family group of misfits always seem to stumble into intense danger, violence, ruthless plots, and countless enemies, but together they unravel the secrets, tackle the villains, and embrace their monsters.
This is a fabulous series filled with twists, bravery, loyalty, love and compassion, and wonderfully violent creatures.

🐍"You've been so afraid of losing us, you can't see how we're terrified of losing you"
🐻 "We were facing a devil neither of us knew how to slay. Let's make it right. Together. Show everyone the truth"
🐍 "Annie, seriously, let me eat him."
🐻 "I'll stand with you. We'll face this together"

Ariel Johnson
Emotionally Driven, Fantastically Monstrous Story

I initially struggled to read Flight of the Bone Crow. The author uses a very informal way of writing. There is a repeated use of "ain't," "Me and.." and other forms of improper grammar that, I felt, interrupted the flow. It took sticking with the story and getting to know the characters some before I was able to at least overlook the over use of a, frankly, very annoying word.

With the characters, the style makes some sense. The majority are very young adults, kids, from a background where school was not priority, or living in a culture that may have an accent. Annie, the main character, was often abused and abandoned by her mother. She is the Peter Pan to a group of basically lost children that she has collected and saved from similar situations.

The story revolves a lot around Annie trying to guide them, without really having matured or given a chance to figure herself out. Anger is her go to friend when something goes wrong, often isolating herself from those she considers close because of it. The story is what really redeemed the book from the bumpy beginning for me. It was layered, well thought out, and included a few twists. Annie and her motley crew are tough but not without their flaws, making them feel more human.

In this universe, strong violent feelings often manifest into reality. They are given a physical form that is tethered to the person they originated from as a vicious monster. Annie's, a giant lightning snake she has dubbed Wriggler. One of the girls she has taken under her wing, Maeve, a fiery black bear with the simple moniker of "Bear." Her group is rounded out with a feelings sensitive, aura sensing girl named Lin, and a super resourceful, studious best friend called Sheb. Bartok, which totally made me think of the bat in Anastasia, is a little owl squirrel creature they consider a pet. They are occasionally helped by a cat shifter named Sasha.

Before I forget to mention, this is a sequel. I have not read the first in the series but had no issue figuring out what possibly happened and enjoying this story. This one seems to focus more on exploring where Sheb came from, Annie not really knowing herself. The ragtag group drawn to his home world by a little boy pleading for help to find his sister. Whom of which he believes was kidnapped by a monstrous, decaying crow, Corvos, born of the swamps of Riverfell.

The world building is where this author really shined. I loved her magic and monster system. It would be awesome to summon feelings into a visible form. Many more of use would have to be honest with how we really feel. The author has all the worlds Annie visits center around a place called Nowhere. Not safe, but not populated and a good sanctuary for Annie to figure out her and her friend's troubles. The big tree they camp out in is what made me think of comparing the group to Peter Pan. As it was described, I couldn't help but visualize Robin Williams rediscovering Neverland in "Hook." When the setting shifted to Riverfell, the humid, hot, sweaty, grimy swamp wasn't hard to visualize either. The misty graveyard. Houses on stilts. Needing a boat to get anywhere. I really liked the hellgators. Their jarring, alligator appearance, yet they are protectors of the swamp. Friendly unless provoked. Louisiana would be proud.

The story is very emotionally driven. How Annie feels and how that relates to her view of her friends plays a big part. When she doesn't know how to cope, anger is her go to, often causing her monster to rage. Anger management is a big part of Annie's lessons to learn. For Sheb, grief and loss are his hurdles. How do you stay kind when facing such monsters? Coming back to a home he ran away from. This does give the story a slower pace. It has plenty of action, but does hold onto its secrets with an iron grip to allow for character development.

This was a great adventure of a read. I could feel Annie's frustration. Understand Sheb's hopelessness. Relate to Maeve feeling overshadowed. I enjoyed the setting and the surprises it allowed. The turmoil of family drama and the patriarch's vying for control. The swamp fighting everyone back. Good, wholesome read.

Louise Cook
Immersive, emotional and tightly woven fantasy

An astonishingly accomplished novel that held me in its grip from the first sentence to the very last page.

The first instalment of this series, The Shadow and the Scream, was one of my favourite books of 2023 and Flight of The Bone Crow currently holds the top spot for 2024. It is an immersive, emotional and tightly woven story that maintains the core cast of loveable misfits brought together during the events of Shadow and introduces us to a new world and new characters after Annie et al stumble through the portal on a new adventure.

As someone who can’t always deal with long multi-book series, particularly when not all books are yet out, I really adore the format of this one. Each new book is a complete story with an individual arc and satisfying conclusion, but with the characters continuing to grow and evolve and face both new challenges and old demons across the series.

In Bone Crow those old demons belong to OG character, Sheb, as the crew end up in a world where we discover more about his mysterious backstory. Sheb is perhaps my favourite character in the whole series and the platonic, unconditional love between him and Annie means so much to me that Bone Crow ended up hitting on a very deep emotional level. By now these characters feel like old friends and there were multiple occasions where I found myself tearing up.

This was all balanced with intrigue and action in a well-constructed new world which offered so much depth, mysteries to unravel and a genuinely scary foe in the form of the Bone Crow.

I can’t wait to continue reading this series and will be tapping my feet, eagerly waiting for the next book!